The Revelation

The Revelation

It was in those days--days that were fraught with wars and villainy--that the Revelation came to Princess Arianna and her Ladies-in-Waiting.

For three nights it appeared and vanished. Princess Arianna spoke of the terrible omen to her father, King Stefan, for the apparition frightened her.

On the fourth night, it appeared yet again as in nights past. And when it had come to its full brilliance, King Stefan hailed it and bade it reveal its purpose or be gone.

Then all those in the chamber heard the rush of wind and the roar of mighty water as if a great storm would come upon them. All trembled at the threat of destruction. Howbeit the tumult passed, and a still quiet voice was heard.

"Choose now, by trial of arms and courage, a champion who will bring forth upon this land eternal peace. A Champion of Renown and Wondrous Deeds who will be, forever after, the subject of songs, myths and legends. Find this person, and your lands shall prosper and lack for nothing--as none, hither to fore, have known."

Thus began the quest for the Champion of Renown, herald of the 'Age Golden', and the Legends of Renowned Deeds.